Loudonville Cemetery Board

Gerald Harris • Wayne Dessenberg • Carl Smith

Contact: Curt Young, Village Administrator
Office (419) 994-3214 • Cell (419) 606-8995
Email: c.young@loudonville-oh.us

Rules and Regulations of the Loudonville Cemetery
339 South Wood Street • Loudonville, OH 44842

• Cemetery closes at sundown
• Children must be accompanied by adult
• Flowers must be planted in a prepared flower bed or urn, and be properly maintained within a 12” radius of the monument.
• Artificial decorations must be appropriate and properly maintained within a 12” radius of the monument.
• No glass containers are permitted
• Planting of bushes, shrubs or trees is prohibited
• Winter decorations must be removed for annual cleanup by April 1st
• Cemetery roads are closed when snow exceeds 3”
• The Village of Loudonville is not responsible for accidents, theft or vandalism

NOTICE: “How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains”  (Publication 139 – United States Postal Service)

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(Posted as they are completed)

East Addition
Lot Owners as of May 16, 2016
Raby Addition
Lot Owners as of May 16, 2016

               FEE SCHEDULE

Description Fees – Effective June 1, 2021
 Graves (Resident / pays Loudonville Income Tax) $450.00
 Graves (Non-Resident / Does not pay Loudonville Income Tax) $550.00
 Opening & Closing 1 (grave) $475.00
 Opening & Closing (cremains) $275.00
Infant Grave (includes lot, Opening & Closing in infant section) $200.00
 Opening & Closing for Infant (standard lot) $275.00
 Additional Fees
 Saturday Services (until 11:00 A.M.) ADD $100 $100.00

Loudonville Village Ordinance  247.03  USE OF LOTS.

   One (1) full sized vault, or up to two (2) cremains shall be permitted per grave.  Where a grave contains a vault, one (1) cremains may also be interred there, subject to ordinary vault opening and closing fees.  (Ord. 26-2014.  Passed 6-16-14.)

Additional Information
No Burials will be scheduled on the following Legal Holidays:
New Year’s Day • Memorial Day • Independence Day • Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day


For current pricing and scheduling, please contact :
Ted Money @ (330) 763-4580