Emergency: 911
Business: 419-994-4000

Fax: 419-994-3773
Email: lfdems@neobright.net

The Loudonville Fire Dept. is gathering a database containing information about individuals residing in Loudonville and in our response area. This information will help us to better serve our residences in an emergency who require specific needs during a disaster or other emergency.

During a disaster or emergency, people with functional needs may require assistance with communication, medical support, or transportation. This is a voluntary assessment is part of a new program. The information provided will be kept confidential.

Completion of this does not guarantee services and should not take place of personal preparation. If you or someone you know requires individual help in an emergency, it is very important for you to let us know.

You can view the document here, it can be saved to your computer then emailed to the Loudonville Fire Department as an attachment

General Information

Signs of a Heart Attack

Signs of a Stroke

Hands Only CPR