Community Reinvestment

Loudonville Community Reinvestment Program

Contact: Aaron Pauly, Project Coordinator – Grow Ashland

Phone: 419-289-3200


Address: 206 Claremont Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805

Hours: Monday – Friday • 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

        The Community Reinvestment Area of the Village of Loudonville has been established to provide direct incentive tax exemptions to benefit property owners who renovate existing buildings, or construct new facilities.

Information concerning this opportunity is available for download via the links below.  Please contact Aaron Pauly, Project Coordinator of GROW ASHLAND with any questions or requests for assistance with the application process. The area identified and designated as the Loudonville Community Reinvestment Area is available for viewing and download by clicking the map icon below:

thumbnail of 2013 Loudonville CRA


Ohio Community Reinvestment Area Program Summary
Ohio CRA Program Procedures for Enacting a New Exemption

Applicable Ohio Revised Code Sections

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Loudonville CRA Application